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Due to the rainouts and uniform issues, there have been changes to the team photo schedule.
Please see the updated schedule HERE for your team's new date and time.

Fort Smith Church League needs your help! Please reach out to the Fort Smith City Directors and let them know about the positive impact our organization has had on the lives of your children, families and our community. Here is a link to a website that contains their contact information:


Fort Smith Church Baseball League has been a Fort Smith tradition and part of the lives of thousands of players and their families for over 50 years. The objective of FSCL has always been to develop players as people and citizens first, with competition being a secondary focus. Without your support, baseball and softball in Fort Smith are likely to change in a manner that is more focused on skill players, rather than our traditional mission. While that is not entirely negative, the FSCL is prepared to move in that direction without losing focus on establishing a welcoming and wholesome environment for players of all skill levels that still affords those same opportunities to the more focused players.

There have been several rumors come up surrounding FSCL, and we wanted to take time to present the facts (as we know them), as they stand now. As some of you have heard, the current lease that FSCL has for the use of the ball fields at Kelley Park will be expiring this year. In accordance with this, the City of Fort Smith has issued a request for proposal for any group wanting to use the park for a baseball league. The City is doing this just as they would for use of any other City Park or facility (yes, the fields are actually a City park and are not actually owned by church league).

The City of Fort Smith is NOT proposing to end Church League Baseball. However, that is a possibility if the lease is not renewed. In accordance with the request by the City, FSCL will be submitting a proposal to continue offering baseball, while expanding that to include a wider range of players and incorporating girls softball as well. This will allow FSCL to continue to serve the community by providing quality opportunities for play, as FSCL has done for over 50 years, and expand the use of the fields at Kelley park. All improvements to the park - original field construction, all buildings, sidewalks, fencing, concession equipment, batting cages, bleachers, sprinkler systems, playground, etc. - were all paid for by FSCL; although, the recent addition of turf on 4 fields was done with a combination of Fort Smith Church League funds, Fort Smith Fall Ball funds, City funds and private donations. The use of those fields for the overall betterment of the City of Fort Smith is just a solid part of having a healthy parks system.

The City is NOT requiring that league play be free to all players. As the member churches of FSCL have done for decades, it is important to make play available to children who may not be able to play due to financial hardship within their family. FSCL will continue to look for ways to provide those opportunities to as many children as possible. Affordability and access will be a key component of the FSCL proposal.

Recreational/instructional baseball will continue to be a main focus for FSCL and is not being replaced by travel teams taking over the ball fields. We can improve league play, thus reducing the need for more talented players to pursue play in weekend/travel ball, allowing them, instead, to improve their skills within the structure of their own local league, where their peers from school and church also play. Weekend tournament play will still be a vital part of funding for the league, as it has been for almost 20 years, but that play IS NOT replacing league play.

We know of at least one other group that plans to submit a proposal to obtain the lease to the Kelley Park facilities. If that group is awarded the lease, it would likely mean the end of Fort Smith Church League Baseball and shift in focus of baseball programs in Fort Smith. While the future may require some changes, FSCL's core goal of providing a positive influence through baseball (and in the future softball) remains the same. Those that have been a part of Fort Smith Church League and want it to continue can make sure your feelings are known to City officials. Let them know what FSCL has meant and will continue to mean to your family and friends and to Fort Smith and its economy. If you do choose to contact a City Official in support of Fort Smith Church League, please do so in a positive manner. Keep in mind, the goal of the City, in this instance, is to make sure the park is being utilized and maintained in a way that benefits the citizens of Fort Smith. So let them know the ways FSCL has done, and can continue to do that through the coming years.

Text FSCBL to 84483 to receive text alerts from Fort Smith Church Baseball League for rainouts and other important events.

This site has been created to give you the latest information about Fort Smith Church League baseball games, teams, schedules, and other information.

The activities of the Fort Smith Church Baseball League are sponsored and supervised by churches in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and the surrounding areas.

Each member church has their own signups and organizes the teams from their church. If you attend a member church check with the church about signing up to play.

If you do not attend a member church either contact a member church to see if they can use additional players or contact FSCBL and we will make the information available to all the churches. This is used by the member churches to fill their player needs and complete the rosters for their teams. All member churches are shown below.

For information about entering a new church into the league please refer to article VII, Financial Policy, in the FSCL rules which are available in the rules tab.

Member Churches

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